The Music Programs in SD 64, particularly at the middle school level, have received fluctuating levels of support from the school board over the years. After years of great success, SIMS Music went into a steep decline due to changes in rehearsal schedule and a reduction in teaching time. Right now, however, SIMS Music is well on the road to recovery: in the last two years participation in choir and bands has grown from 22 to 98 students, or roughly 1/3 the student population. 

This is a critical moment – SIMS Music needs to be properly supported right now, so that the program can continue to thrive and grow.

GISS Bands are also in a rebuilding stage and require stable support to succeed. This program is fed by the success of the SIMS program – the health of each school’s music program depends on the well-being of the other.

For many years in both schools, music teachers have worked hundreds of unpaid hours to prop up insufficiently funded programs. Now is the time for the School District to step in and give our Music Teachers and students the tools they need to succeed.

We are asking the School District 64 Board to:

1) Increase the SIMS Music Position to a 0.6 FTE, and

2) Maintain the GISS Music Position at its current 0.7143 FTE.*

*For an explanation of the FTE (full-time equivalence) and specifics about our request, click here.

For a more comprehensive expression of our argument and concerns, please see the Parents’ Letter to the Superintendent (May 28, 2019) here.

Thank you for your support! Please pass along the link to this page and help us spread the word!

We will present this petition at the next SD64 School Board meeting, on June 12, 2019.